I am an independent .NET and SharePoint Developer living in The Netherlands. My main focus lies with C# and the .NET Framework but I am also a newbie enthusiast in Ruby and Rails.

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MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer

MCTS: WSS 3.0 Application Development


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Archive for September, 2008

Recently I’ve been working a lot with the SharePoint standard templates. A client wanted us to build a Web Part that had the look and feel of a standard SharePoint Web Part and the easiest way to achieve that was using templates. Using these, we didn’t have to worry about custom fields, save buttons, validation […]

In his excellent post on How SharePoint 2007 Renders Its Content Geoff McElhanon shows how to programmatically load SharePoint-based templates. The code he shows us is as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 // Initialize template container with our custom template templateContainer = new TemplateContainer(); templateContainer.Template = SPControlTemplateManager.GetTemplateByName(RenderingTemplateId);   // Add the container […]