I am an independent .NET and SharePoint Developer living in The Netherlands. My main focus lies with C# and the .NET Framework but I am also a newbie enthusiast in Ruby and Rails.

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MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer

MCTS: WSS 3.0 Application Development


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Archive for October, 2008

There is an -imho-  disturbing tendency amongst developers when it comes to applying coding and style standards, unit testing, duplication analysis and the like. The typical mindset seems to be “if my colleagues don’t do it, I won’t, either”. I know, I’ve been there as well. In fact, I am still there. But if you […]

For an internal project we were creating a number of custom List Definitions by editing the schema.xml files. When we opened an instance of the List Definition in SharePoint, the fields we had added did not show up in the View, New and Edit forms. Only the Title field was visible. As it turned out, […]

Sometimes you discover a little gem that you just know you will be using over and over again. My latest discovery is implicit type conversion. Implicit type conversion basically allows you to convert any object to any other type. Note that not all conversions make sense. As an example, let’s assume the following Field and […]

Today I passed the 70-528 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Web-Based Client Development exam. One more step towards my MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer certification 🙂