Adding a custom action to the copy/paste menu

Adding your own action to the copy/paste menu that is displayed when you touch down inside any editable control is pretty easy. Just add the code below to the viewDidLoad method inside your view controller.

UIMenuItem *menuItem = [[UIMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"Add picture" action:@selector(addPicture:)];
[[UIMenuController sharedMenuController] setMenuItems:[NSArray arrayWithObject:menuItem]];
[menuItem release];

Those of you who are amongst my regular visitors may have noticed already that the looks of my blog have changed rather dramatically. This is because since today, my blog is part of my company website. The website itself will be in Dutch only for the moment, for commercial reasons (meaning I don’t have any customers outside of The Netherlands) but there will be a bilingual website in the future. In the meantime, my blog will remain in English.

I’d love to know what you think of the new design.


In Part 2 of this series, we added filtering to our ASPGridView. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of questions about implementing multi-column filtering. Again the main reason seems to be “If SharePoint can do it, why can’t we?”. And that’s exactly the kind of question that gets me going 🙂 I love a good challenge. And remember, we set out to build a control that matches the built-in functionality of SharePoint as closely as possible. So multi-column filtering should definitely be in the list of features.

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Previous parts:

In this part of the series we’ll be adding a context menu to our SPGridView using the SPMenuField control. Using the MenuField can be a bit tricky the first time round since there are a lot of properties involved. But when you’ve created your first context menu, it turns out to be not that hard.

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On my current project I am naturally using Unit Testing as much as possible. The application is an ASP.Net web application so I was limited to testing the business logic only. Or so I thought.

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When developing custom WebParts and UserControls for SharePoint you often need to access Lists and their content. There is a number of ways to retrieve a List (or more specifically, a SPList instance). For example, if you know the List’s ID (which is a Guid) you can do the following:

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I ran into this cool trick today while I was implementing filtering in a GridView.

The challenge was that I had to apply a composite FilterExpression to the GridView from the value of a DropDownList. I started out with the following (simplified) code:

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In my previous post I introduced Fluent NHibernate and NHibernate Burrow. If you have been trying the two together, you’ll have noticed that Burrow has been compiled against a lower version (2.0) of NHibernate than Fluent NHibernate has (which uses 2.1).

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I haven’t been using it long but I am already a huge fan of Fluent NHibernate. In case you haven’t yet heard about it, Fluent NHibernate allows you to replace those pesky (perfectly functional, but pesky) NHibernate XML mapping files with strong-typed C# code.

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Welcome to the third installment of my series on the SPGridView.

I had planned to tackle menus and the MenuField control in this installment but I got sidetracked by a very interesting problem posted by Josh as a comment to Part 1 of this series. His problem was that for some reason the RowCommand event failed to fire on a button click when this button was created inside a TemplateField. A quick search on Google indicated that he was by no means the only one to experience this problem. So I figured I’d try to figure out what was happening and how to solve this.

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