I am an independent .NET and SharePoint Developer living in The Netherlands. My main focus lies with C# and the .NET Framework but I am also a newbie enthusiast in Ruby and Rails.

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MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer

MCTS: WSS 3.0 Application Development


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I have been advertising Ruby and IronRuby at my company for a while now — or trying too. We are a .NET solution provider and sofar they’re not convinced that Ruby will be worth the effort of learning. Oh well. One of these days I will come up with the decisive argument. Thinking of that, […]


I discovered that there is an (in development) implementation of the Lisp/Scheme language for the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). Pretty cool. I very much enjoyed the Lisp courses I followed at uni. The language looks worse than Perl but is actually quite simple once you get your head around it. As one of the primare […]