I have been advertising Ruby and IronRuby at my company for a while now — or trying too. We are a .NET solution provider and sofar they’re not convinced that Ruby will be worth the effort of learning. Oh well. One of these days I will come up with the decisive argument.

Thinking of that, maybe you can help out. What arguments would you use to have your company at least put some serious effort into exploring Ruby and/or IronRuby?

For completeness’ sake, IronRuby is Microsoft’s .NET implementation of the Ruby language. This means that we get all the dynamic language goodness of Ruby combined with the full range of .NET libraries available to C# (and any other .NET language) developers.

Justin Etheredge of CodeThinked has put together a set of tutorials geared specifically to help C# developers get up to speed with IronRuby quickly. If these don’t bring a great number of C# programmers to start experimenting with Ruby I don’t know what will.

The first two tutorials take you through setting up IronRuby and running a simple application:

And then the fun begins:

Justin is very actively adding new tutorials to the above list. The full series can be found here. I definately suggest subcribing to the RSS feed to keep updated.

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