Last year, on May 22nd I wrote my very first post on this blog. The topic? My visit to the DevDays ’08. How time flies..

This year, I was almost forced to miss DevDays. The economic recession has hit all of us and since Antares’ customers are mostly based in logistics, financial and government fields it has hit us pretty hard. Which meant no conferences. But we’re not in a problemsolving business for nothing. Me and a colleague of mine were determined to find a way to get ourselves to DevDays and today I am very happy to be able to say that Yes, we’ll be attending!

I can’t wait! Azure, Dublin, .NET 4.0..if it wouldn’t look extremely silly I’d be jumping up and down.

Now to pick which sessions I’ll be attending as I will *probably* not finish my personal cloning device on time..

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4 Responses to “The DevDays ’09 Are Here!”

  1. 1 Arie Leeuwesteijn


    Nice to see you’re looking forward to attend the DevDays2009. Content and speaker-wise I think this will be the best devdays we’ve ever organized. I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed. Thanks for coming to Devdays2009!

    Arie Leeuwesteijn

  2. 2 Erik Burger

    Hi Arie,

    The only disappointment I am risking is not being able to attend *everything* 🙂 But that’s what the session notes are for right?


  3. 3 Chriz

    Can’t neither. Hope to see you there! CHZ

  4. 4 Erik Burger

    Definately Chriz! Erik

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